Local Rules

Dear Member,

Below are the new Local Rules for Hermitage Golf Club. They take account of the new Rules of Golf 2019 as well as changes to the golf course.

The number of local rules has reduced from nine to five. Five of the previous local rules are no longer required as they are allowed for in the new Rules of Golf. There is a new local rule to deal with the No Play Zone on the 9th hole.

The Committee is extremely grateful to those members who helped in drafting these new Local Rules.

Hermitage Golf Club

Local Rules 2019

1. Out of Bounds
(Rule 18.2)

(a) Beyond any hedge, fence, wall or line of white stakes defining the boundaries of the course.
(b) In or over the cuttings around the clubhouse enclosure, car park, putting green and the machinery yard to the left of the 14th and 18th holes.

2. Penalty Areas
(Rule 17)

Penalty Areas are defined by red stakes and/or red lines or cuttings. Where both stakes and lines or cuttings exist the lines or cuttings define the edge of the Penalty Area.

Relief taken under Rules 17.1b, 17.1c or 17.1d

3. Ground Under Repair
(Rule 16.1)

(a) All areas encircled by white lines.
(b) Temporary greens.
(c) All practice greens and practice bunkers.

Free relief must be taken under Rule 16.1

4. No Play Zone
(Rule 2.4)

The area to the right of the 9th fairway identified by red stakes with green tops is both a Penalty Area and a No Play Zone. The No Play Zone is within the Penalty Area. Players must not enter this area for any purpose.

Penalty relief under Rule 17.1d is the only relief option available.

5. Immovable Obstructions
(Rule 16.1)

(a) Staked Trees.
(b) All artificially surfaced roads and paths, protective fences, steps, lamp posts, course furniture, distance marker discs, water system points, and the practice bay structure and practice nets between the 1st and 2nd fairways.

Artificial walls or liners of bunkers are Integral Objects from which free relief is not allowed.

Penalty for breach of Local Rule

General Penalty, i.e.
Match play - Loss of Hole
Stroke play - Two Penalty Strokes


Derek Quilligan,
Chairman Course Committee