Simon's Prize to the Ladies 2018
Simon Byrne (Professional) Prize Evening to the Ladies 2018 Read more
Hermitage had a make-over both on and off the Course
As photos take up a lot of space only a few could be produced for the Newsletter - here you can see the work being done on the Course and in the Clubhouse Photos by Michal Franek. Read more
Hermitage Scratch Cup 2018
Photos of the 47th Hermitage Ladies Scratch showing Presentation and On Course. Photos by Son.Photography and Michal Franek Read more
Photos showing the course after the restructuring of the bunkers
Photos of the Course now that the restructuring of the bunkers on the First Nine have been completed Photos by Michal Franek Read more
Junior Captain (Louis Hemeryck) Drive In 2018
Junior Captain (Louis Hemeryck) Drive In 2018 Read more
Captains Drive-In 2018
Captain Denis and Lady Captain Christina - Drive In 2018 Photos by Son.Photography Read more
Hermitage Under Snow
Hermitage Under Snow - No golf for the moment Read more
Carmel's Big Birthday Celebrations
Photos of Carmel's Big Birthday Celebrations held at Hermitage Golf Club - Photos by Michal Franek and Frank Kehoe Read more
Past Lady Captains Evening - 2017
A yearly event looked forward to by all past lady captains, especially those who no longer play golf, and look forward to meeting up with the ladies for a wonderful evening. Everyone goes home with a prize regardless of whether they play or not. - Photos by Michal Franek Read more
Captain's Day 2017
Photos of Members and Guests at the Dinner of Captain Paul Maher and Presentation of Prizes. Read more
Lady Captains BBQ & Presentation 2017
Photos of Lady Captains Day, BBQ and Presentation. Read more
President (Tony Rooney) Dinner and Presentation - 2017
Packed house once again for our President's Evening. Read more
Lady Captain (Anne Ward) Dinner 2017
Lady Captain (Anne Ward) Dinner November 2017 Read more
Jackie O'Donohoe Golf Day in aid of Down Syndrome Centre - 2017
A great turnout on this special charity day. Read more
Ladies Scratch Cup 2017
Photos from the 46th Scratch Cup Day. A brilliant win for the second year in succession for Ciara Casey. Not alone was it the first time in 2016 that Hermitage had a home winner, but to have Ciara come in again in 2017 was a real "wow". Read more
Ladies Scratch Cup 2016
Hermitage creating history with a home winner. Ciara Casey wins the Hermitage Ladies Scratch Cup being the first home winner since the Scratch Cup began in 1972 Read more
Hermitage Ladies Scratch Cup 2009
Sarah Cunningham from Ennis Golf Club Winner of the Hermitage Ladies Scratch Cup 2009. Read more
Unveiling of Scratch Cup Winners Board
Photos of the unveiling of the Hermitage Ladies Scratch Cup Board by Mary McKenna, who won this event nine times, also pictured is Ciara Casey (Hermitage) who won the cup for the first time in 2016 and retained it in 2017. Read more