Hole Fifteen
    455 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 11
    430 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 11
    383 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 11
    385 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 6

Hole Flyover

From Golfgraffix on Vimeo.

Hole Description

There is severe rough on both sides and out of bounds on the right.

A line of tall poplar trees are on the left and several smaller trees on both sides in the rough. The fairway is narrow at first but opens out where the drive should land. The second shot is through the gap and up a gently rising but narrowing fairway with trees and rough on both sides.

The green has deep bunkers to catch the wayward shot going left or right. It is a tiered green, the left half is lower than the right and the whole green inclines upwards from the front to a bank at the back.