Hole Fourteen
    339 Metres, Par 4, S.I. 13
    326 Metres, Par 4, S.I. 13
    318 Metres, Par 4, S.I. 13
    320 Metres, Par 4, S.I. 2

Hole Flyover

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Hole Description

The wooded slope along the left side of the 13th hole comes as far as this incline on the left side. There is out of bounds all of the way along the right side of this hole.

The drive, therefore, must clear the sharp incline first in order to reach the plateau where the fairway is. The fairway is bordered by rough on both sides so the drive needs to be fairly central. Once over the incline, the green becomes visible on rising ground in the distance.

The second shot needs to carry to the green because the slope up to it will kill any shot that lands short. The green rises from the front and becomes saucer shape after that.

There are deep bunkers on both sides.