Hole Nine
    464 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 8
    460 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 8
    453 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 8
    441 Metres, Par 5, S.I. 1

Hole Flyover

From Golfgraffix on Vimeo.

Hole Description

The only Par 5 on the front 9 is dominated by two large ash trees which form a gap 25 Metres apart to frame the fairway 200 Metres from the green.

From the gap the fairway slopes downhill to the green. With out of bounds and 2 bunkers on the right, the best line from the tee is the oak tree on the left.

Anything to the right of the fairway and the player is limited severely by the tree on the right of the gap. A second shot through the gap is best aimed down the right side of the fairway to leave an approach that avoids the large bunker that protects the green to the front left.

The green is a raised plateau with contouring on the right side formed by the only other bunker by the green, a deep trap on the right side.